GrayKey can unlock

Motherboard berichtet von einer Box, die in der Lage ist, den Pincode des iPhones zu knacken.

The GrayKey itself is a small, 4x4 inches box with two lightning cables for connecting iPhones, according to photographs published by cybersecurity firm Malwarebytes. The device comes in two versions: a $15,000 one which requires online connectivity and allows 300 unlocks (or $50 per phone), and and an offline, $30,000 version which can crack as many iPhones as the customer wants. Marketing material seen by Forbes says GrayKey can unlock devices running iterations of Apple’s latest mobile operating system iOS 11, including on the iPhone X, Apple’s most recent phone.

Es empfiehlt sich also, den numerischen Pin gegen einen alphanumerischen Code zu tauschen.

Die Einstellung dazu findet Ihr unter iOS wie folgt.

Einstellung > Touch ID & Code > Pin eingeben > Code ändern > alten Pin eingeben > Codeoptionen > Neuen Pincode eingebenen > noch einmal eingeben > fertig.

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